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"Your-Site" On-site Water Treatment Training

Customized training courses designed to meet your specific training needs.

Option A. Traditional classroom training

Traditional training that is not so traditional.  Material is projected in graphical and interactive animations using equipment simulation.   This assists in creating visual pictures and simulates the hands-on experience necessary to create a foundation for learning.  It is entertaining and powerful!

Option B. Hands-On Training Courses

Courses are split 50:50 between traditional classroom training as described above and the hands-on University of Arizona Team Research Approach using the on-site water treatment equipment.  Personnel get an opportunity to work with the equipment in a manner that deepens their understanding of the equipment technology.   Projects are chosen from those developed for use in the University of Arizona High-Purity Water Training Series.

Estimated Pricing?

$3000.00 (USD) per training day + $60.00/attendee* + travel expenses

*$60.00 covers the cost of the color training manual, completion certificate, and other support materials that each attendee will receive.

Your-Site Training Outline

Each training day would consist of 4 hands-on or classroom segments.

Typical classroom segments/subjects (2-hour segments) might include:

Membrane Filtration

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Principles

RO Pretreatment

Scale Control

RO Operation

Data Collection

Data Normalization

RO Cleaning

New RO Developments

Pretreatment Design

Reverse Osmosis Design

RO Troubleshooting

Ion Exchange Principles

Ion Exchange Troubleshooting


Biological Control

Ultraviolet Light Technology

Final Filtration

High-Purity Water Principles

High-Purity Water Monitoring

Something else in mind? Just let us know.

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