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Encyclopedia of Water Treatment

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The graphic animations and highly interactive nature of the CDs make it enjoyable to learn more about water treatment.  Interactive simulations offer the next best thing to working with actual reverse osmosis (RO), ion exchange (IX), electrodeionization (EDI), and filtration equipment.

Water treatment training CDs from the Encyclopedia of Water Treatment TM are part of an accredited college curriculum.  Courses may be optionally taken for college credit toward certification in reverse osmosis, ion exchange, or for an Associate of Applied Science degree.  The CDs may also be used independently or as a facilities training program.   An entire facilities group can be trained for less than the cost of sending one person to an off-site seminar.   Training at your own computer at your convenience


  • Realistic RO/DI/EDI Equipment Simulations
  • Challenging Questions
  • Highly Interactive Exercises
  • Abundant Graphic Animations
  • Word Links & Search Functions
  • Audio with Printable Text Manual
  • Monitors Trainee Performance
  • In-depth & Sequential Breakdown of High-Purity Water Treatment Concepts

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