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CEA offers the High-Purity Water Treatment Curriculum of distance learning courses in partnership with St. Cloud Technical College.  These two-credit classes provide training for operating, engineering, and supervisory personnel to assist in job performance, career advancement, or to provide the background information necessary to begin a career in the high-purity water treatment industries, such as in medical device manufacturing, semiconductor, pharmaceutical,  power generation, municipal (membrane system filtration/reverse osmosis), and others.  The High-Purity Water Treatment Curriculum is part of the Water Environment Technologies program at St. Cloud Technical College, which has been accredited by the Higher Learning Committee of the North Central Association (NCA) of Schools and Colleges (handles college accreditation in 19 central/western US states).

For Certification, Continuing Education Credits (CEU), Professional Development Hours (PDH), or AAS Degree.

Why is helium so stable and hydrogen so unstable?


Water Treatment College Courses are offered for certification or a degree

Our Mission
Each course in the High-Purity Water Treatment series
is designed to develop a deeper understanding of that particular treatment component or aspect of industrial water treatment.  Scientific theory is presented using graphic representations to create a solid foundation on which the water treatment concepts are based.  Additional learning is facilitated using internet research projects that are supported by the instructor and other students using e-mail, discussion boards, and/or class chatroom sessions.  The knowledge that will be gained from these courses will be directly applicable to the operation, maintenance, and design of industrial high-purity water treatment systems.