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Most courses are designed to be taken independently at the convenience of the participant.  Most are structured around 3 to 5 sessions, each including a recorded web cast lecture.  The lecture will cover course educational material from the associated Encyclopedia of Water Treatment TM course CD-ROM, as well as text and questions taken from the course textbook.  Credit for viewing the web cast is earned by submitting the answers to the assigned questions that are discussed within the web cast.

An additional research and reporting assignment will be due at the midterm in the course and/or at its completion.  At the course completion, participants must pass the final examination from the course CD-ROM, which in itself qualifies the participant to receive a minimum grade for the course of "C".  Points obtained from submitting answers for the weekly assignments, and for the mid-term and final research assignments may enable the participant to achieve a "B" or "A" grade in the course.

                            Water Treatment College Courses are offered for certification or a degree                   

College courses using multimedia CD-ROM, textbook, and the internet for Certification, Continuing Education Credits (CEU), Professional Development Hours (PDH), or Degree.


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