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High-Purity Water Treatment - Internet Courses

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HPW Program

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Distance Learning Courses for College Certification or Degree

Water Treatment College Courses are offered for certification or a degree

1540 Northway Drive

St. Cloud, MN 56303-1240

Certification in Reverse Osmosis Requirements: Successfully passing first 8 RO classes (16 credits)

Associate of Applied Science Degree Requirements:   Successfully passing 16 High-Purity Water Treatment curriculum courses (32 credits), and obtaining 30 general education credits from St. Cloud Technical College or from another accredited institution

HPW Certification - Certification Level* earned by exceeding course expectations.

James Bedford, HPW Level 1
Matt Birlew, HPW Level 1
Nate Bach, HPW Level 1
Luke Martin, HPW Level 1
Scott Smit, HPW Level 1
Edward Czaja, HPW Level 1
James Nowak, HPW Level 1
Natalie Saunders, HPW Level 1
Patrick Ulmer, HPW Level 1
Julien Jenkins, HPW Level 1
Steve Born, HPW Level 1
John David Gillespie, HPW Level 1
Scott Niesen, HPW Level 1
Christopher Holzer, HPW Level 1
Peter Eads, HPW Level 1
Travis Hanson, HPW Level 2
Larry Kuehn, HPW Level 3
Allan Whysker, HPW Level 5
Collin Stewart, HPW Level 6
Kevin Lafrance, HPW Level 8, Reverse Osmosis Certification

*Partial listing...Participants may opt out of being included in this listing.