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Wes Byrne and CEA

Wes Byrne - President and Owner

Wes Byrne and the CEA support staff are proud to offer unmatched expertise in the design, operation, and maintenance of membrane filtration, NF, RO, ion exchange, and electrodeionization systems.


Wayzata, MN

Phone: +952-471-0017

Fax: +952-471-9261


What's the latest with Wes?

Jan - Nov. 2015 - Developed and patented the SDIcubeTM for SDI automation, normalization, & for filtered iron measurement.

October, 2015 - Co-presented Practical Primary Water Treatment for Breweries at the MBAA Annual Conference, Jacksonville, FL.

June, 2015 - A week of video-conference training provided to Ghana participants in association with onsite classroom/hands-on training.

May, 2015 - A featured speaker at the 2nd Technical Forum of the Philippine Power Plant Chemistry Management Assoc, Manila, PH.

March, 2015 - Presented the morning training of Water Treatment for Dialysis Workshop at the NANT Symposium, Las Vegas, NV

Sept., 2014 - Wrote and illustrated RO & pretreatment chapters for the next edition of the NANT Water Treatment Manual.

August, 2014 - Consulted for the U.S. Navy in Guam concerning their high-purity water treatment related to submarine maintenance.

March, 2014 - Advanced RO and EDI Training in Israel, 5 days of engineer-oriented training in RO/EDI theory, design, and O&M.

September, 2013 - Hands-on RO Training in West Africa, 5 days of combined classroom training with hands-on equipment projects.

January & February, 2013 - Group Training methods using web conferencing with PT Beta Promesti in Jakarta, Indonesia.

October & November, 2012 - Customer representative for the University of Minnesota in the design & purchase of a high-purity water treatment system for their new Nanofabrication Center.

Sept 19 & 19, 2012 Charleston, SC - Designing a High-Purity Water Treatment System Short Course for US Navy Engineers/Contractors

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