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Encyclopedia of Water Treatment

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Standard Edition CDs

Standard Edition training CDs of the Encyclopedia of Water Treatment TM will provide the text, audio, interactive exercises and equipment simulations needed to learn the technology of water treatment.

Standard Edition CDs serve as a good training value when a knowledge verification test is not required.

Collegiate Edition CDs

Collegiate Edition training CDs include all the features of the Standard Edition training CDs, but also include the following:

  • Topic Objectives

  • Topic Technical Definitions

  • Extra Practice Quiz Questions

  • Final Examination

The exam becomes available when all of the topic practice questions have been successfully answered.  Within a limited amount of time, the user must successfully answer at least 83% of randomly selected questions or the test terminate.  Users who fail the test will have opportunities to review the topics of concern before re-taking the test.

The training CDs may be purchased in their Standard Edition, or in a Collegiate Edition format.  The Collegiate Edition is used to support the High-Purity Water Treatment college courses from St. Cloud Technical College.

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