Specializing in Membrane Based Water Treatment

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Support Services for Water Treatment Equipment Suppliers

CEA has provided computer software to nearly all of the major US companies involved in membrane-based water treatment.

OEM Support
OEM Training
Custom Software
OEM Consulting
Pilot RO Rental
Group Training

Delphi Windows-Based Water Programs

RO scale inhibitor dosage programs (6) have been developed for many of the leading RO chemical companies.

ChemSetTM for RO - chemical concentration calculations


Microsoft Excel Programs

CompuTrackTM RO - Data Monitoring

CompuTrackTM IX - Data Monitoring

CompuTrackTM EDI - Data Monitoring

Reverse Osmosis Boiler Feed Return-on-Investment

Interactive Water Treatment Training Programs

Encyclopedia of Water Treatment TM

EDUPROTM Training Program for Koch Membrane Systems

GE WaterTAPTM Certification Program

Nalco/PermaCare RO Training


Water Treatment Presentation Programs

Custom training presentations have been created for the US Navy, Siemens Water Technologies, Koch Membrane Systems, the University of Arizona, and others.

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