Specializing in Membrane Based Water Treatment

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Support Services for Water Treatment Equipment Suppliers

CEA has provided computer software to nearly all of the major US companies involved in membrane-based water treatment.

OEM Support
OEM Training
Custom Software
OEM Consulting
Pilot RO Rental
Group Training

Wes Byrne and CEA actively support numerous water treatment vendors and engineering firms located around the world.  We can offer your company the knowledge and confidence to take on new challenges or to better handle your existing challenges.

We can help with specific questions and problems, or we can partner with your company in the following ways:

Training Programs for Personnel / Customers

Consulting Retainer Arrangements

Custom Software Development

Application Development*

*CEA offers pilot RO equipment to assist in the development of new RO applications.

Assistance with

RO  Ion Exchange  CDI/EDI  HPW

  • Training

  • Design

  • Application Development

  • Monitoring

  • Maintenance/Cleaning

  • Troubleshooting

  • Startups

  • Manuals/Technical Writing


Wes takes great pride in being the person to call when all other attempts fail!

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