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Silt Density Index (SDI) Manual Kit

Silt Density Index (SDI) Manual Kit

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WARNING: The 47 mm 0.45 micron nitrocellulose filters provided by different filter manufacturers do not result in the same SDI results.
Millipore SDI Replacement Filters

The original Silt Density Index test procedure was developed using a Millipore 0.45 micron, 47 mm filter pad.

SDI results obtained using Millipore 0.45 micron filters provide the standard or reference to which other SDI results might be compared.

Pall SDI Replacement Filters

SDI values obtained using Pall 0.45 micron filters have been found to be roughly 40% greater than results using Millipore filters.  The use of the tighter porosity Pall filters in SDI testing will likely amplify the effect of the presence of finer particles sizes on SDI results.

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 100 Pack of Additional SDI Filters (Millipore) - $124.00 (USD)

 10 Pack of Additional (Filter Holder) Luer-Lock plugs - $14.75 (USD)

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