RO Troubleshooting is the eighth volume of the Encyclopedia of Water Treatment

RO Troubleshooting

Volume VIII. RO Troubleshooting

27 Topics w/ Text and Audio

27 Quiz Questions

27 Concept Graphics/Photos

78 Animations/Simulations/Videos

27 Interactive Simulation Exercises

31 Page Printable Text Manual

RO Troubleshooting teaches the trainee how to use the performance symptoms of an RO system as a means of resolving rejection and fouling problems.  In its secondary purpose, it is also designed to offer a systematic approach for troubleshooting actual RO system problems.


Confirming a Problem

Approaching an RO Problem

Inlet Water Evaluation

SDI for Troubleshooting

Isolating a Rejection Decline

Using Individual Ion Rejections

Lead End Rejection Decline

Tail End Salt Rejection Decline

Isolated Salt Rejection Decline

Uniform Salt Rejection Decline

Draining During Shutdowns

Unusual Salt Rejection Pattern

Effect of Fouling/Scale on Rejection

Troubleshooting Fouling

Isolating a Change in NPD/NPF

Lead-End Fouling

Tail-End Fouling/Scale Formation

Other Reasons for a Loss in NPF

Nature of Biological Fouling

Isolating a Biological Problem

Characterizing a Microbial Problem

Upstream Biological Activity

Controlling Anaerobic Bacteria

Cleaning & Sanitizing Biological Foulants

Continuous Biocides & Shock Treatments

On-Site Analytical Methods

Off-Site Tools

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