RO System Analysis and Design is the seventh volume of the Encyclopedia of Water Treatment

RO System Analysis

& Design

Volume VII. RO System Analysis

28 Topics w/ Text and Audio

28 Quiz Questions

37 Concept Graphics/Photos

45 Animations/Simulations/Videos

33 Interactive Simulation Exercises

32 Page Printable Text Manual

RO System Analysis teaches the trainee how to optimize an existing RO system design and its operating parameters.  It can also be used to design new reverse osmosis systems, based on a systematic and comprehensive programmed to also serve as a systematic and comprehensive guide for designing a new reverse osmosis system.


Water Characterization

Fouling Potential

Biological Activity

Optimizing RO System Parameters

Langelier Saturation Index

Optimizing pH

Solubility Products

Dissolved Silica

Membrane Element Choice

Membrane Housings

Permeate Flux

Optimizing the Number of Elements & Housings

Array Staging

Optimizing Crossflow Rates

Optimizing the Array

Minimizing Pressure Losses

Optimizing Permeate Quality

Array Evaluation

Calculating Membrane Pressure

Two-Pass RO System Analysis



Optimizing the High Pressure Pump

Throttle Valves

Pipe Manifolding

RO System Instrumentation

Controls and Alarms


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