Reverse Osmosis Cleaning is the fourth volume of the Encylopedia of Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis Cleaning

Volume IV. Reverse Osmosis Cleaning

28 Topics w/ Text and Audio

28 Quiz Questions

28 Concept Graphics/Photos

59 Animations/Videos

10 Interactive Simulation Exercises

32 Page Printable Text Manual


Nature of Soap

Cleaning Solutions

Acidic Solutions

Alkaline Solutions

pH Extremes


Chelating Agents

Oils and Grease



Removing Iron/Manganese

Removing Sulfate Scale

Removing Silica

Cleaning Frequency

Cleaning Solution Volume

Cleaning Flow Rates

Cleaning Pressures

Cleaning Time

Rinse Up

Cleaning Data Collection


Evaluating a Cleaning

Post-cleaning Procedures

Tank and Pump Sizing


Temperature Control

Cleaning Filtration

Individual Element Cleaning

Reverse Osmosis Cleaning College Course Description

Reverse Osmosis Cleaning develops an understanding of the chemical nature of cleaning solutions so as to correctly apply them in maximizing RO cleaning effectiveness. It explains how the different cleaning agents work in the removal of common membrane foulants and scale. It then offers methods for correctly cleaning an RO membrane system and evaluating the effectiveness of an RO cleaning.

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