High-Purity Water is the eleventh volume of the Encyclopedia of Water Treatment

High-Purity Water

Volume XI. High-Purity Water

25 Topics w/ Text and Audio

25 Quiz Questions

42 Concept Graphics/Photos

72 Animations/Simulations/Videos

9 Interactive Simulation Exercises

29 Page Printable Text Manual

High-Purity Water introduces the trainee to issues specific to high-purity, deionized water purification.  This includes topics related to how trace contaminants are removed and how purity is maintained.


Nature of Contaminants

High-Purity Water Production

Materials of Construction

TOC Removal

Bacteria Contamination

Dissolved Gases

Storage Tanks

Tank Components

Henry’s and Dalton's Laws

Nitrogen Blankets

Hydrophobic Membrane Degassification

Distribution Pumps

HPW Polishing Ion Exchange

Silica Removal

Boron Removal

Distribution Piping

UV Sanitization

UV Design

TOC-Destruct UV


Sanitizing Distribution Systems

Final Filtration

Filter Modifications

Integrity Testing


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