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Common Questions (04/24/08):

1) I forgot my password.  What do I do?

a) If you are not the system administrator, then have the system administrator run the administration files, which are available immediately after the administrator logs in.

b) If you are the administrator or are the only user of the CD, you can enter a special password, INTERACTION=RETENTION$    This will allow you access to the administration files where you can find or change your personal password.

2) I have a Windows XP operating system.  When starting up the program after entering my name and password, I get the error, "String returned from user code function SysGetAvailScreenRes is not zero-terminated. It will be truncated.", or "The instruction at "0x77f5234c" referenced memory at "0x0d342c30". The memory could not be "written"." followed by other error messages and the program eventually terminates.  What is the problem?

Some of the newer Windows XP operating systems or recently patched XP systems do not communicate their screen resolution correctly to the program.  You may get around this problem by running the 16 bit log-on file located on the disk (examples: Start - Run - d:\RO_chm16.exe for RO Chemistry or Start - Run - d:\Boiler16.exe for Boiler Water Basics where d is the CD drive letter).  Unfortunately, you will not be able to automatically change the display size of the program.

You can manually increase the size of the program display by decreasing the size of your display screen (except for some laptop computers whose display driver simply places a black edge around the outside of the screen when resolution is modified).   Click Start - Control Panel - Appearance and Themes - Change the screen resolution then move the "Screen resolution" slider to "Less".

3) I forgot my user name.  What do I do?

You will need to delete the folder that contains the record files ("c:\windows\a4w_data" or possibly "c:\Winnt\A4w_data" in Windows NT and many XP operating systems) so that the program will behave as if it is being operated for the first time.  Double-click on the "My Computer" icon on the Desktop, then the "C" drive, then the "Windows" folder (or "Winnt").  Click on "Show Files".  Select the "A4w_data" folder and press the "Delete" key on the computer keyboard.   Acknowledge that you want to send the "A4w_data" folder to the Recycle Bin by clicking the "Yes" button.  Note:  THERE IS THE POSSIBILITY THAT SOME OTHER PROGRAM (PACKAGED BY ITS MANUFACTURER USING AUTHORWARE VERSION 4) IS USING THIS FOLDER TO STORE ITS USER RECORDS.  IF THIS POSSIBILITY EXISTS, PLEASE CONTACT CEA BEFORE DELETING THIS FOLDER!

4) The program was previously working fine.  After attempting to link between CDs, a CD will now no longer run.  What happened?

A transfer file was created that contains incorrect information.  The file, "c:\windows\A4w_data\variable.txt" should be deleted if it exists.  Double-click on the "My Computer" icon on the Desktop, then the "C" drive, then the "Windows" folder.  Click on "Show Files" and double-click the "A4w_data" folder.   Single-click the "variable.txt" file and press the "Delete" key on the computer keyboard.   Acknowledge that you want to send the "variable.txt" file to the Recycle Bin by clicking the "Yes" button.

5) Sometimes the audio (i.e., sound) does not work.  What is wrong?

The Encyclopedia of Water Treatment uses the Windows (Microsoft trademark) operating system for its audio capabilities.  If the sound is not working, either you do not have a Windows compatible sound card, speakers, or there is a conflict with some other program accessing the audio driver.  This type of problem would not be unique to the Encyclopedia CDs.

6) I recently purchased Volume I. RO Chemistry or Volume II. RO Basics and the program only allows me 5 minutes of operation.  The program asks for a special code.

Please contact CEA.  You may have a bad CD.   Please determine the CD serial number by double-clicking on the "My Computer" icon on the desktop and looking at the CD drive letter.  Note: This problem occurred with only a limited number of CDs, and only with the first two volumes.

7) When attempting to operate Chem-Set(TM) for RO, or CompuTrack(TM) RO - Data monitoring program, I get the error, "To be licensed to operate this version of Chem-Set/CompuTrack....you must install and be licensed for the Encyclopedia of Water Treatment..."

The Chem-Set/CompuTrack program cannot find the user records for the Encylopedia of Water Treatment.  If you have operated the Encyclopedia of Water Treatment volume from which the program was installed, the problem may be related to the fact that Chem-Set/CompuTrack was written for the Windows 3.11, 95, and 98 operating systems.   With the Windows NT operating system used in NT, 2000, and XP, the user records are saved in a slightly different location.  To fix this problem, create a folder called "Windows" on the root of the same hard drive that contains the "WINNT" folder (unless a "Windows" folder already exists).  Next, double-click on the "WINNT" folder, right-click on the "A4w_data" folder and left-click "copy".  Then go back to the root of the hard drive and right-click on the new "Windows" folder and left-click "paste".  (Chem-Set and CompuTrack are trademarks of CEA.)

8) In the beginning of the working program and occasionally thereafter, a Director Player 6 error message indicates, "This program requires at least 3MB of free virtual memory to run.

With higher-end Windows XP computers, the problem is actually related to the presence of more RAM memory than the program is designed to manage.  You have the option of either not viewing the particular animation, which will only impact from 2 to 5 animations within the volume, or you may change the computer settings.  Click Start and right-click on My Computer to then click on Properties. Click the Advanced tab and then the Settings button under Performance.  Again click the Advanced tab and then Change under Virtual memory.  Be sure to record the prior memory allocation settings so that they might be easily restored if these changes result in poor computer performance.  In Custom Settings, set the Initial size (MB) to 384 and the Maximum size (MB) to 768.  Click Set and then OK.  Then click OK in Performance Options and OK in System Properties.  You may be asked to re-start your computer, which is necessary for the new settings to take effect.  This issue will be corrected in Version 2 of the program, scheduled for release in early 2006.

Was your question answered?  Please contact customer service for additional assistance.

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